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Prada Marfa - Editorial Session

I am a photographer and lover of strange art. My husband is a photographer and lover of all things snakes. West Texas is where our love and love and love come together.

As a Gossip Girl super fan, I have been obsessed with Prada Marfa for years. It is an art installation located on the side of a two lane highway, 60 miles from the Mexican border. The model Prada store is considered a sculpture and contains only right shoes and unusable bags to deter vandals.

For being so far away from the actual town of Marfa, it is SO busy. This is the third time I have been and every time I have had to wait in line to get photos. This year, I was ready to do it big. I rented a dress from and bought a cowboy hat from COMMUNITIE. When it came my turn, I put on the dress and had no idea how sheer it was. Right when I stepped out into the road, a long line of motorcycles pulled up. There I was, standing in the middle of a highway, feeling basically naked with what felt like one million bikers watching me. My husband pushed me to continue and I am so happy he did. The bikers were so much fun and let me take photos with them and their bikes. This was definitely my favorite photo from Marfa and I have no idea how I am going to do better next time we go!

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