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I wrote this post July 3rd, 2017, when I lost my entire website. My editing style, my hair color and my marital status has changed since then. It feels like a part of me so I brought it over to v3.


So, I lost my entire website. Fun.

I have been a Tulsa wedding photographer for years now. But even before I became a professional, I posted on This dude was my baby. It held all of the prettiest, most amazing clients in the world and told their stories. It had stories of my son, of new adventures, and of my strong thoughts on first looks. All of those stories are gone.

After weeks of trying to recover my website, nothing has worked. After lots of crying and staying up late talking to tech support and trying not to scream and break my computer, I have decided this could be a good thing, right? This could give me an opportunity to set a new standard for my internet home. In the future, want to be able to connect with my future, current, and past couples so that you can get to know me and I can get to know you.

I have lots of things to talk about!

I am engaged and planning and wedding. During this process, I have gone through the WTF vendors and the vendors who have been a dream. I have learned exactly why the most precious women can become bridezillas from hell. Dude. Planning your the one day you get married can take like a year. This stuff is hard!

I’ve got four rescue pups and love them dearly. I’ll make sure to post lots of photos for your to look at. I know you all want to see them! 🙂

I am a momma to an 11-year-old! He is going into middle school! While I cannot give you “mommy tips” or share the cutest hauls from target, I can keep you updated on the changing hair colors and all of the adventures we hope to go on!

I am 6 weeks away from being a college grad. Like, holy crap. This girl is completely self employed and going crazy not having coworkers. I supposed we can unite and you can feel all the self employment feels with me here.

I will show all the amazing collabs that I have done with the best in the industry! Meeting other photographers, videographers, florists, hair and makeup artists, etc. has been the coolest experience ever! These ladies and gentlemen show me daily what it feels like to REALLY have community over competition and that is how every single relationship should be!

And of course, the brides…

My brides and grooms have been absolutely incredible. I can’t imagine ever working in another office or helping someone get a home equity line of credit. That ain’t my style, y’all. Being creative and bringing your wedding day to life in photos has been the most amazing dream come true. The way I feel about my couples and the way my couples feel about me is more than I could ever ask for.

Chuck and I have been on a long road with you guys!

To my future brides: I love you already!

It has been so cool to see how different each couple is. We love the people that are so in love it makes you sick. The couples that don’t put us first because they would rather spend time with their lovies than spend their entire days taking photos. The two of us love the shy kind of lovers and the ones who tear up the dance floor. We love the men who cry and the hot ladies with me muscles (we’re talking about you, Ari and Terry). Whatever your kind of love is, it is perfect. We seriously cannot wait to meet you!

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